EFSA Institute

EFSA Institute

The EFSA Institute is an ecumenical institute that promotes dialogue and consensus between different sectors and role-players on the challenges facing our diverse society.

EFSA Institute Website


Prof Nico Koopman (Chairperson)

Prof Elna Mouton

Prof Ernst Conradie


Dr Renier Koegelenberg – Director

Dr Sipho Mahokoto – Senior Assistant

Dr Marlene Mahokoto – Senior Assistant

Mrs Thea Koegelenberg – Senior Assistant

Ms Frieda le Roux (Researcher- contract basis)

Ms Marelene Jonker-Arangies (Website – contract basis)

Mr Elton Landman (Technical/IT – contract basis)

Mr Neil Gordon (Technical/conferencing- contract basis)

Johannes Richter (Publications/Sunmedia- contract basis)